Welcome to Mystery Digest

Welcome to my new blog for mystery lovers!

Originally the idea for the blog was for it to be simply a place to compile all the Detective Nose two minute mysteries I (and others) had written in the past. Originally created for a now defunct website Detective Nose eventually ended up on a Squidoo page. Due to the positive response the lens has received, I decided to start posting more of Detective Nose's cases files on this website. Currently my collection numbers at about 35 or so mysteries but it is my hope that others might also contribute more (whether it be for Detective Nose or otherwise).

While setting up the initial site, other ideas for content etc. started to materialize. Rather than have me list what can be found, why not take a couple minutes and explore for yourself. If you're a mystery lover, I'm sure you'll find much of interest.

Please, if you have an extra minute or so, drop me a note via the contact form and let me know your thoughts and/or ideas. Enjoy your stay! ~Jane

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