Five Minute Audio Mysteries

My Pal Patsy

My Pal Patsy Story Script

Narrator: Our story takes place in Green’s Gap, a small town in the Southern cavern district. [phone rings]
Dr. Melville: Green’s Gap Hospital, Doctor Melville speaking.
Man: Doctor, doctor, there’s been an accident out at Ingle Cavern.
Doctor Melville: Accident, what kind of accident?
Man: Two men was exploring and they got lost last night. One’s unconscious, you better come quick before he’s dead.


Dr. Melville: I hope you know how to get out to Ingle Cavern Len.
Len: With the job of being town constable and ambulance driver, I reckon I know all there is to know about this country.
Dr. Melville: Ever been in the cavern Len?
Len: One stop Melville when I was boy. Nearly got my hide tanned off by my paw. Ingle Cavern is a mighty treacherous place.
Dr. Melville: You mean it’s easy to get lost in it?
Len: Not only that Doc, it’s that cavern gas carbon mm something.
Dr. Melville: You mean carbon dioxide?
Len: Yes that’s it. All of sudden you run into some of that stuff, and before you know it bing your out.
Dr. Melville: Still people seem to go exploring there?
Len: More fools to be. I wouldn’t go in them caverns, at least til I was not without a dog.
Dr. Melville: A dog, what for?
Len: Well if a dog keels over then you know the gas is collecting.


Dr. Melville: I’m afraid Mr. Getty your friend is dead.
Mr. Getty: Poor Patsy, it was from the gas wasn’t Doc?
Dr. Melville: That’s what it looks like to me.
Len: Why did you go in that cavern anyway?
Mr. Getty: Patsy asked me to. He never seen a cave before.
Dr. Melville: How far did you go in?
Mr. Getty: Well it didn’t seem very far but, all of a sudden we lost our way.
Len: Where was that?
Mr. Getty: Well how do I know whereabouts it was if we was lost? We tried to trace our way back but it wasn’t no use. Patsy started to get scared. It’s kinda funny to see a big guy like that get scared.
Dr Melville: Yes he is rather big isn’t he.
Mr. Getty: Yes six foot four. The mob used to call us Mutton Jeff.
Len: And then what happened?
Mr. Getty: Well, I was a little scared myself but we stuck together. You know walking in the dark with only my flash from the car. All of a sudden Pats keeled over.
Dr. Melville: From the gas?
Mr. Getty: Yeah, that’s what I figured. His head hit on a rock and I guess that just about finished him off.
Len: I suppose you reckon your self pretty lucky mister.
Mr. Getty: Yah, sure, I figure it’s cause I’m only five foot three that I got outta there alive. The gas must have been just about a foot over my head.
Len: Yah, and what do you think about that Doc Melville?
Dr. Melville: I think you better arrest Mr. Getty for the murder of his friend Patsy.

My Pal Patsy Answer Script

Narrator: And now let’s see whether you’re as observant as Len and the Doctor.
Mr. Getty: Hey Copper, let me put my hands down, they’re tired.
Len: When you’re in Green Gap’s jail, not before.
Mr. Getty: Ahh, I don’t get it. It was a good story. I still can’t figure how you found out.
Dr. Melville: Len tells me they used to take dogs into the cavern because the gas is heavier than air. It collects on the floor. If you really met gas, you would have keeled over first before your pal Patsy.
Mr. Getty: Well what do you know, I tell ya, nowadays in this murder racket you need a college education.

Death Calls At Dinner

Death Calls At Dinner Script

Narrator: An anniversary party is going on at the Brown’s household around the corner. One of the guests , George Tailor, pauses while eating his desert, saying …
George: “Mmm best lemon pie I’ve ever tasted Mary.”
Mary: “Oh Really!”
George: “I wish my wife could do as well. Hey it doesn’t look as if Sam is appreciating it much though.”
Mary: “Goodness dear, is my cooking that bad? Sam, your head is practically in your plate. I guess he’s fallen asleep everyone. I’m so sorry. Sam, Sam, Sam, dreadful, I’d better shake him. Sam, SAM!”
George: “Great Gauche! He’s dead!”
Sgt. Parker: “How you do? I’m Sergeant Parker, the homicide division and this is one of my boys, Mike Grady. Where’s the body?”
George: “In the dinning room at the table. We didn’t move him.”
Sgt. Parker: “Hmm, You might as well be comfortable everybody, this will take just a little while. Hmm dead alright, peaceful too. Who’s Mrs. Sam Brown?”
Mary: “I am.”
Sgt. Parker: “You mind telling me what happened?”
Mary: “I guess not, I’m so shocked, that I don’t know where to begin or what to tell you.”
Sgt. Parker: “Well, you might as well begin by telling me what you served for dinner.”
Mary: “Well ah, we had soup first …”
Sgt. Parker: “Soup, what kind?”
Mary: “Mushroom and then roast chicken, green peas, mashed potatoes and then I served him coffee but I don’t see how this could mean anything.”
Sgt. Parker: “Just routine Mrs. Brown. Did Mr. Brown eat everything?”
Mary: “Yes he did. He seemed to fall asleep over his coffee.”
Sgt. Parker: “Hmm”
Mary: “And when I tried to wake him, I found he’s had a heart attack.”
Sgt. Parker: “That will be all for a few minutes Mrs. Brown, we want to take a look around. Ah, notice anything about this table Mike?”
Mike: “No Chief can’t say as I do.”
Sgt. Parker: “Neither do I. Let’s look in this kitchen. An orderly person isn’t she, stacked dishes after each course.”
Mike: “Yes and here’s the silverware over here. Ah look, look Chief, one of these soup spoons has turned black.”
Sgt. Parker: “Black? Let me see it. The only spoon that’s tarnished too. Well I was beginning to think it was a heart attack or a perfect murder! But this silver soup spoon is evidence enough. Err.. Mrs. Brown.”
Mary: “Yes Sergeant Parker.”
Sgt. Parker: “I’m sorry to interrupt your little party Mrs. Brown but I’m sure your guests won’t mind.”
Mary: “Ah … I don’t understand.”
Sgt. Parker: “You will Mrs. Brown, you will, you see you’re under arrest for the murder of your husband!”
Narrator: Do you know why Sergeant Parker accused Mrs. Brown of murder?

Death Calls At Dinner Answer Script

Mike: “Sgt. Parker, how do you know it was homicide?”
Sgt. Parker: “Well, Mrs Brown took careful pains to wash the soup pans and soup dishes before she served the rest of the meal.”
Mike: “Ah yes, I can see that.”
Sgt. Parker: “But she forgot one thing, to wash the silver soup spoon. What she didn’t realize was that an hour later by the end of dinner, the spoon her husband had used to eat his toadstool soup would give her away. She didn’t know that toadstools make silver turn black. Mrs. Brown almost committed the perfect murder but she forgot to wash one spoon!”