Prison Visit Turns Out To Be Permanent – Dumb Criminals

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It is probably not a good idea to visit your friends at prison while intoxicated unless you are planning to move in as a man in Rochester discovered.

State police arrested 34-year-old William Henderson on Thursday afternoon after getting a call about a drunken visitor leaving the Wende Correctional Facility.

Troopers say Henderson had a blood-alcohol concentration of .24 which is three times New York’s legal limit for driving.
He was not only charged with felony driving while intoxicated but also unlawful possession of marijuana.

Henderson, who has been convicted of DWI twice in the last 10 years, was ordered held in Genesee County Jail following arraignment in Pembroke Town Court.

Store Break-In Gone Sad – Dumb Criminals

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Here’s a perfect example of what not to do when attempting a break and enter.

This guy is lucky to have survived his stupidity. Watch as he makes a grand entry into the liquor store only to find that he cannot leave but not for want of trying!

No doubt the cops arrived just in time or lord knows if he would have survived another fall on top of all the glass bottles!

Thong Robbery – Dumb Criminals

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See what happens when two dumb criminals decide to try and rob a store using thongs as their masks! They also bring along a cute little pink backpack.

Commentry provided by some well-known comedians.

Pot Smoking Cop – Dumb Criminals

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Here’s an example of our tax dollars at work. A cop confiscates some marijuana and instead of turning it in, decides to bake it within some brownies.

Watch the Q13 Fox News Channel video below to listen to his 911 call for help. Somewhat hilarious!