Thong Robbery – Dumb Criminals

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See what happens when two dumb criminals decide to try and rob a store using thongs as their masks! They also bring along a cute little pink backpack.

Commentry provided by some well-known comedians.

The Case of the Missing Paper

As I stood over Mr. Wentworth, lying on his desk, I asked the butler, Mr. Tanner what had happened.

“Well I was locking the front door when I first heard the voices from the library. I was surprised because I didn’t know that Mr. Wentworth had a visitor but just as I approached the library door …” [Read More...]

The Case Of The Convenience Store Robbery

Thank heavens you’re here!” exclaimed 17 year old Robbie, the clerk at the little corner convenience store where I often buy my morning coffee. I’d ducked in out of the rain to grab a coffee and muffin on my way to meet my niece Crystal before school. She always called on me to help when she had problems, and this one was a pretty small one – she needed to borrow $5 for a class trip.

The little store was warm and cozy despite the driving rain outside, and I was pleased to note that Robbie was obviously doing a good job of keeping the place neat and tidy. The floor was spotless, and all the shelves were neatly arranged. [Read More ...]

ID in Three

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Many men and women are specifically chosen to appear on a nationally aired prime time TV show. Even though they will be starring on the show, they are not very happy about it.

What is the TV show?

Just a Glaring Error – Difficulty Easy to Medium

Detective Nose had just wrapped up a case in the upper town district of Trenton and since he was in the area decided to stop by and pay his friend Dr. Dean Lamar a visit at the museum. Dr. Dean was the director in charge at the museum and had been so for the past five years. By all accounts, he was doing a fantastic job.

When Nose arrived at his friend’s office, he saw that he was in the middle of looking over some résumés. [Read More ...]

G.K. Chesterton – Author of Father Brown

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On May 29th 1874 Gilbert Keith Chesterton was born in Kensington, London. Chesterton wrote everything from journalism to poetry to fantasy. One of his best loved characters is that of Father Brown. Father Brown is a non descript quiet clergy man who has an uncanny ability to solve crimes. Altogether Father Brown appeared in 52 of Chesterton’s short stories.

Chesterton came from a middle class family, his father worked for an estate and auctioneer house. Gilbert attended St Paul’s School before entering the University College of London. He took classes in both illustration and literature but failed to get a degree in either. He dropped out and began to work for a publishing company. He stayed with this job until 1902 when he got his own weekly opinion column. He would continue to write this column for the “Daily News” and “The Illustrated London News” for the next thirty years. [Read More ...]

Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes

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On May 22 1859, Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh Scotland. Arthur Conan Doyle is probably best known for creating the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes. Arthur Doyle’s father, Charles Altamont Doyle was an alcoholic but his mother according to Arthur was a brilliant story teller.

Arthur studied medicine and earned his medical degree at the university of Edinburgh. One of the most notable people he met at school was Dr. Joseph Bell, whom Arthur respected and admired. Many of Bell’s qualities, would show up in the character of Sherlock Holmes. [Read More ...]

Agatha Christie – Mystery Writer Queen

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Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie is credited with being the most translated authors of all time. Not only are her works available in 56 different languages, but she is also credited with having sold more books than any other author. According to Guinness, only the bible has sold more copies! So just where did this amazing author come from?

Agatha Miller was born in 1890 in the small town of Torquay which is located in Devon, England. She was the youngest of three children born to the Millers. Agatha was educated at home by tutors until the age of sixteen when she went to study in Paris. She studied singing and piano in Paris but was too shy to consider a career in music. [Read More ...]

Pot Smoking Cop – Dumb Criminals

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Here’s an example of our tax dollars at work. A cop confiscates some marijuana and instead of turning it in, decides to bake it within some brownies.

Watch the Q13 Fox News Channel video below to listen to his 911 call for help. Somewhat hilarious!

Who is Guilty – Detective Logic Puzzle

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